A Generative NFT Drop

Meemop Mania is a generative NFT project of 888 Meemop mints through OpenTheta, each unique with vintage animation inspired faces, colors and accessories.


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Meemop Mania Maze Mayhem

Play this 80's inspired maze game by using your own Open Theta Meepy by trying to outsmart Hexo Disko and his gang of malevolent Meepies! Need a Meepy to play? 

The Story

Oh no! Meemop, pet of Cyko KO and Peachy Keen, is sick!
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Meepies are on the loose!!

Oh no! Cyko KO and Peachy Keen's most precious pet Meemop is sick! But when Cyko attempts to mix a remedy of his own cockeyed concoction, things go haywire----by making many many multiple Meemops (or Meepies)! Can Cyko or Peachy drop the formula to fix this and make Meemop better, maybe even better than before?

Brought to you by OpenTheta in collaboration with Cyko KO creator and artist Rob Feldman, Meemop Mania is a generative NFT project of 888 Meemop (Meepy) mints, each unique with vintage animation inspired faces, colors and accessories.

Do you own a Meepy? See below for usage rights in creating your own products!

See the Rarity Chart here. 

(special thanks to @SheriffPopper and @Thetazillaclub for the hook up!!)


• Drop Dec 2021  🗸
• Discord Channel 🗸
Rarity Chart (after all 888 sold) 🗸
• Tfuel Tonic Drop (after all 888 sold)🗸
• Cured Meemop Airdrop (after Tfuel Tonic)🗸

• Utility access to Meepy Mall
• IP usage rights 🗸
• Ongoing airdrops to holders / stakers 🗸

• HODL Giveaways
• Tfuel Tonic and Meepy Mall utility 
• Games and integrations 🗸
• Community giveaways
• Collabs
• Merch store

• Invasion of the Meepies
• Airdrop giveaway for launch 

Note: Roadmap is a living document and ever-evolving!


Usage rights do not apply or include the use of the original Meemop™ design

Usage Rights

Meemop Mania™ is trademarked by Rob Feldman, but he grants most use rights to holders of the tokens.

As an owner of a generative Meemop (Meepy) NFT, here's what you can do with your Meepy art:

• Use the art for your own personal, non-commercial use; examples would be a tattoo or coffee mug.
• Use the art to promote or sell your Meepy NFT on marketplaces and apps that verify your ownership;
• Use the art to create and commercialize your own merchandise, provided that you aren’t earning more than $100,000 in revenue each year from doing so. An example would be creating stickers or tees for sale.

Some things you CANNOT do:

• License the art to any third party;
• Modify the art;
• Use the art to market or sell third-party products;
• Use the art in connection with images of hatred, violence, or other inappropriate behavior;
• Attempt to trademark your art and/or acquire intellectual property rights in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage rights apply ONLY to your unique generative NFT and DO NOT include any use of the original Meemop design shown, which is trademarked and copyright by Rob Feldman.

If you have a desired use that does not fit into any of the above please contact Rob Feldman at or DM through Twitter at @itsfeldman.

Happy Meeping!

Frequently Asked Questions

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a new way to collect digital assets. They can be photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files that uses "blockchain tech" to assign a unique address to each unit, making it truly a unique, one-of-a-kind colllectible. NFTs are not limited to only digital assets in that they can also be attached to offline unique items like tickets, clothing and other real life goods. Think of an NFT as a kind of digital, self-contained Kickstarter reward that is truly owned by you. 

After the 888 Meemops have been captured, we now have to get Meemop back to normal! Perhaps Cyko KO can tweak the Tfuel Tonic recipe and get him back to his usual snuggly self? Stay tuned to Twitter at @itsfeldman and @opentheta for updates after the drop!

It's actually quite simple. First, get a Metamask wallet.  If you already have one, go and read this super quick article on how to add the Theta Mainnet to your Metamask wallet

After you set up the Theta Mainnet through Metamask, start up your Metamask extension. Make sure you select the Theta Mainnet from the pulldown at the top of your Metamask! Then click "Connect" on OpenTheta. And voila! You should see your Tfuel balance and all. You are ready to Meemop!

© Copyright 2021 Rob Feldman. All Rights Reserved.